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Flavor Toothpicks, Inc

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Flavor Toothpicks, Inc
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Telephone: (702) 608-4276
Contact: David Miller
FlavaSticks are an excellent method to assist in smoking cessation. They offer an outstanding substitute to smoking cigarettes. Flavored toothpicks are an extraordinary method to help you to stop smoking. Get rid of your cigarettes, hard candy or gum and try our long lasting, intense flavored wood toothpicks now. You can get rid of bad breath halitosis and freshen your breath any time of the day or night, and you can control weight as well by curbing your hunger with our finely manufactured, all natural line of toothpicks. SPECIAL VALUE! 6 Flavor Sampler Pack shipped with every purchase of a Knight Sticks Rechargeable E-Cigarettes order. $6.00 Dollar Value Free. Flavored Toothpicks Cherry, Flavored Toothpicks Cinnamon, Flavored Toothpicks Strawberry, Flavored Toothpicks Wintergreen, Flavored Toothpicks Cinnamint and Flavored Toothpicks Spearmint/Peppermint. The undeniably best Birch Wood Flavored toothpicks on the market! They work great after eating or drinking, as well as heartburn and stomach aches. Be amazed by the power of the Flavastick Toothpick. You will love our flavored wood toothpicks! No Calories No Carbs, No Sugars! ALL THE FLAVA! We Only Use Natural Ingredients & The Best Birch Wood. We know sell Knight Sticks Rechargeable E-Cigarettes! Order our excellent flavored toothpicks containing no calories and no carbs! Our product line of flavor toothpick products is backed by extensive research to ensure the superior quality and taste of our flavored wood toothpick products. Our toothpicks are sold in a variety of fantastic flavors, all of which deliver extreme flavor for hours on end! Made of the best birch wood, our chewing sticks come manufactured in a whole host of delightful flavors including cinnamon toothpicks, strawberry toothpicks, cinnamint toothpicks, wintergreen toothpicks, and spearmint/peppermint toothpicks. Our extreme flavored toothpicks are made of wood, which we have determined to be far superior to plastic and bamboo toothpick products. Why would anyone want to buy FlavaSticks toothpicks? In addition to the fact that FlavaSticks toothpicks have no calories and no carbs, our round toothpicks are also sugar free. Therefore, our fantastically flavored wood toothpicks are an excellent replacement for bulk candy and sweets. For anyone looking to manage weight, and to avoid sweets, our flavor toothpick line serves as an ideal substitute. With our flavored toothpicks, anyone can get sweet, delicious flavor that they crave any time of day or night without racking up the calories. Flavasticks wood toothpicks are an outstanding way to curb hunger. Our customers are consumers from a wide range of age groups: people aged 18 to 80 adore our product line! Flavasticks wood toothpicks are also excellent for consumers looking to freshen breath. Our strawberry toothpicks, spearmint/peppermint toothpicks, cinnamon toothpicks, cinnamint toothpicks and wintergreen toothpicks are a fast way to fend off bad breath. Consumers can go without the need for sugar free gum or bulk candy. Further, our consumers appreciate the fact that our toothpicks deliver extreme flavor for many hours; this ensures many hours of fresh breath and a feeling of confidence throughout the day! Flavasticks flavored toothpicks are also an extraordinary method to stop smoking. As a stop smoking aid, consumers find our flavored wood toothpicks easy to use because they are extremely portable. Our flavor toothpick line gives the consumer plenty of flavor diversity too. Instead of smoking, consumers can chew on our flavored toothpicks which helps nicotine urges. The lasting flavor also assists in diminishing the desire to smoke. After quitting smoking, consumers can find a powerful advantage in fending off the need to smoke, simply by enjoying our fine line of flavorful toothpicks. Many of our customers have already discovered that our flavored toothpicks supply an easy way to quit smoking, and are superb substitute for hard candy, and snacking. Actual product packaging is as shown in picture. Try our new 6 Flavors of Flavored Toothpicks. Handy push-on cap & heavy duty reusable tubes are packed with tasty Flavasticks toothpicks. Each tube contains 12 toothpicks. Sampler packs come with 3, 4 or 6 tubes per order. All other flavors are shipped with 2 tubes per order. Bulk Bags come with 1 bag and 100 toothpicks in bag. We ship immediately! Don't Be Fooled By Our Competitors! Their Quality Does Not Compare. What's your Flava? Our toothpicks are great for the following as well: flavored toothpicks, candy, sampler, cinnamon toothpicks, strawberry candy, cherry candy, e-cigarette, cinnamint, spearmint, peppermint, sugar free, no calories, quit smoking, tobacco alternative, great smell, aroma, wintergreen, smoking alternative, tobacco substitute, electronic cigarette, e-cigarette, diet alternative
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