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Our Founder

Hello, my name is Andrew Starr. I'm the founder and President of The Party Network (a subsidiary of Starr World Enterprises LLC). First, I’d like to say thank you for visiting The Party Network. It’s taken a lot of planning & research, long hours and a lot of hard work to put this site together. I’ve had a lot of help from many people offering their time and knowledge to make this site the best it can be. Each day, my staff Andrew Starr Photo and I are finding new ways to popularize and improve the site. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, I’d like to know. Click here.

Originally I'm from Abington, PA, just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Currently residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. I’m a veteran of the mobile DJ and national syndicated radio show industry. For over 12 years, owned and operated Arizona’s largest mobile DJ entertainment service, named Windy City DJ's, and was the owner and executive producer of the Hot Mix Radio Network syndicated radio program company, both based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

My background as a mobile DJ, owner of a large mobile DJ company, nightclub owner, and creator/producer of the Worldwide syndicated radio music mix show (Hot Mix), I feel, gives me the credentials and special understanding of the needs that those in the entertainment services field have. That's why I've built The Party Network. It’s a natural for me.

More information on Andrew Starr

It all started at college: Back in my early college days, at a small college in Eastern Pennsylvania, on the weekends, I began learning how to spin records and entertain groups of people at the local college dances, along with a few friends. One of my friends (Brett) played the keyboards. He lived down the hall in my dorm. Brett had a complete set-up including a Power amp & speakers. I asked him if he’d be interested in providing his equipment to put on a weekend dance at the college. He agreed, so I built my own light boxes out of cheap chipboard, purchased a few colored spotlights, built a manual on/off lighting control box, purchased a mirror ball and a strobe light. The only missing equipment was a mixer, turntables and cassette player. So, I went shopping at Radio Shack! (They had the basic DJ essentials for my budget). I already had a collection of all of the latest music since I worked at a record store, in the mall, during the summer months back in the early 80’s. Some of my music was on cassette tape and this made it very challenging to cue up the next song on my cheap cassette deck. But, I managed through and the weekend dances became more and more popular. I noticed one thing - I was very successful marketing and hyping these weekly dances to my fellow college students. Additionally, I had a knack for reading the crowd (imagining myself on the dance floor while I was behind the turntables), playing their favorite music, talking on the microphone, manually creating a light show, and keeping the energy going from song to song. I really enjoyed the challenge of being in front of a large crowd, entertaining the audience, deciding which tune to play next, keeping the dance floor going, and watching people having fun. I found my niche'!

In late 1982, I decided to leave the East coast and head West and go somewhere warm and sunny for college. In the summer of '83, I packed up and moved to Tempe, AZ (just outside of Phoenix, AZ) to attend Arizona State University (ASU) for business and marketing. It was here where things began to happen and this story gets more interesting (hopefully to you too).

When I arrived in Arizona, in the summer of 1983, I met up with 3 guys who were already running a successful DJ company at ASU. All three were from Chicago and they called their company "Windy City DJ's". To read more on "Windy City DJ's" - click here.

I worked in a record store that sold only vinyl records! Yes, I really did... and, no that is not a misprint! Back in the summer 1981, and most of 1982, I worked in the Willow Grove mall (East of Philadelphia) at a record store named "Listening Booth". It was a great job right out of High school and it was here where I got into listening to all types of music. But, I'll never forget seeing the first shipment of CD's arrive. Yeah, back then vinyl records and cassettes were king! CD's were placed in small a 2x4 section in the back corner. Nobody cared! Why should they care, CD’s were just introduced to consumers and the CD players were super expensive. It's amazing how times have changed. If fact, I’ll never forget my manager saying: “These things will never make it!” I showed her an article from a music magazine stating the next wave to distribute recorded music to consumers. She laughed, when I told her she was wrong and one day all of these vinyl discs will be replaced with these little plastic discs called compact discs or CD’s. Who’s laughing now???

How'd I get this Domain? In 1995, while searching for domain names, I noticed the domain "" was available, (plus many other generic names I could have registered and later sold for millions of $$$ years later, but who knew?), so I registered the name and let it sit on the back burner until I could put 100% of my undivided attention and business skills into play. Before I start any project, especially this one, I research the basics. I wanted to wait until I had enough time to study the world of the Internet (unlike most companies no longer around). I don't like to fail - I plan to challenge myself each day to make a huge success.

Credentials, you ask? ...I got 'em. In the mid 80's through the late 90's I owned and operated a DJ company, named Windy City DJ's, based in Scottsdale Arizona (adjacent to the city of Phoenix), serving the entire state of Arizona. My DJ company provided music entertainment services covering all types of events including weddings, corporate events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Graduation parties, School events, etc. I sold the company (in '97) to concentrate on other thriving businesses. From 1992 to the present, owned various bars and nightclubs. In 1993, created & was the DJ for "Tuesday Night Trash Disco" at the once famous "Jetz & Stixx" nightclub in Scottsdale where athletes such as Charles Barkley (Phoenix Suns) and Michael Jordon (during his minor league baseball days in Phoenix) made it their home on Tuesday nights (1994-96), along with many other stars and athletes. What a party!

Andrew's Comments

Why After many years of research and studying other database related sites, I was amazed to find not one well developed and designed web site search engine pertaining to locating DJ's (and other related services). Let's not be silly… Yes, there are a few out there, but nothing as comprehensive as I envisioned. There was a void! So, I decided to build this site. Owning the domain,, in addition to my background, knowledge and experience in this area, I felt I was the right candidate, since I have the tools to launch the perfect site for locating DJ's (and related entertainment related services) to showcase and promote their business to the world in a one-stop shop environment.

Marketing is the key. I have budgeted a large percentage of the revenue for a very intensive web site search engine optimization program (Symbolic Productions), registering specific key words and optimizing each page on our site. In addition, we’ve generated links to and from as many other sites as possible. This will continue to increase the position in the major search engines. I've also budgeted a percentage of revenue towards advertising the name and logo in wedding guides, direct mail pieces, broadcasts on XM satellite radio, Cable TV, even a 30 second ad during the Super bowl (ha, ha). I’m taking every stride to make a high visible-visitor driven site. If you’d like to place a link on your site, please click here. In exchange, we will place your link on our “links” page to help increase your visitor traffic and position in the search engines.

The number one priority at is marketing the web site to you, the visitor. Driving the general public (visitors) to this site and constant development of name recognition of the name and logo, through co-operative agreements with related and complimentary businesses, are key factors in the future success of

The purpose. is an online directory designed to provide an entertainment service business another avenue to advertise their business and services to you, similar to your local phone book. Each member is provided a FREE listing or the option to UPGRADE for greater exposure and premium position within each selected metro/city. They can also elect to advertise their company within one unique area or throughout multiple states.

Did you know? Each year more and more people, like you, are turning to the Internet to gather the latest and most up-to-date information, especially for service related businesses. Online directories, like, will continue to grow and print directories will continue to lose their appeal to advertisers because they are too expensive, and end users, like you, because they are usually obsolete by the time they are delivered to you.

Credit to the Graphic Artists and Webmasters: This beautifully designed and simple to navigate site you see here today was designed by Morange Design. The logic was engineered exclusively by Lurus Professional Web Service.

Thank you for visiting The Party Network. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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