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The History of Hot Mix

“Hot Mix”™ is a radio music show, blending (mixing) one song into second song beat-to-beat and back-to-back in a non-stop continuous flow. The following is an abbreviated version of the History of Hot Mix. To read the full-length “complete story” click here.

In 1985, Andrew Starr and Dave Rajput created HOT MIX™ in Scottsdale, Arizona. HOT MIX started as a weekend "Dance Mix" music show, showcasing the hottest dance and party music from the club scene, initially broadcast on a local TOP 40 radio station. Within a year, the show was launched into syndication and heard on over a dozen radio stations.

By 1987, HOT MIX aired on 35 radio stations, including the New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver, and Washington DC markets, plus became the first show of its kind syndicated internationally by RADIO EXPRESS (a US company based in Los Angeles), which also represented "American TOP 40 with Casey Kasem" and "American Country Countdown with Bob Kingsley."

In 1990, HOT MIX inked a major deal with ABC RADIO NETWORKS to syndicate, market and distribute the HOT MIX weekly radio show. From 1993 to 1997, Andrew Starr and his staff developed and created multiple versions of the "mix" shows for various music formats, since radio had become more fragmented and stations were more specific in a given format. By the end of 1997, the HOT MIX RADIO NETWORK list of affiliates had grown to over 150 including affiliates in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Atlanta.

In February 1998, PREMIERE RADIO NETWORKS, INC., (a Jacor Communications company), purchased HOT MIX RADIO NETWORK from Andrew Starr, with Starr being named VP of Hot Mix Radio Network. A country music version of Hot Mix was created (named "Country Mix") and launched into syndication on 25 stations. HOT MIX grew from 150 affiliates to over 200 with overall listener audience growth of over 28% from Jan '98 to Dec '98. In 1999, HOT MIX continued to add affiliates, now totaling over 250 with audience listener growth up over 32% from Jan '99 to Dec '99.

As of January 2000, Hot Mix blasts ahead broadcasting on over 250 affiliates and heard by over 1.2 million listeners. HOT MIX is now heard on 18 of the top 25 radio markets including: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, Atlanta, Detroit, Denver, Phoenix, Boston, & Pittsburgh... just to name a few.

February 2001, Premiere Radio Networks cuts over 10% of their operations and Hot Mix Radio Network in Scottsdale, AZ was part of the corporate slashing.

For the Full Length – Complete Story on Hot Mix Radio Network click here

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